Event Info


Redwoods River Resort
75000 Highway 101
Leggett, CA 95585

(If using a map app, enter Confusion Hill. It's across the street from the venue, and works a bit better for directions.)

Dancing, Laughing, Swimming, Learning, Camping, and Hiking!

You are cordially invited to the Raindance Campout 2019!

We are very happy to announce that we will once again be returning to the gorgeous Redwoods River Resort, so prepare yourself for a magical forest full of old-growth redwoods, a pristine river, a heated swimming pool, and all the shaded camping areas that your heart could desire.

Onsite CAMPING is included in all ticket fees.

Parking is $80 for onsite parking and $60 for lot parking.

There are no RV spots left.

Gate Information

All credentials will be issued onsite. Whether you are parking onsite or offsite, please arrive at the site to receive wristbands, parking passes, etc.


Upon check-in, all guests will receive a wristband, which must be worn AT ALL TIMES throughout the duration of the event.


If your dog is caught onsite both the dog and owners will be asked to leave.


Essential Things to Bring to Raindance. Redwood River Retreat is an intimate venue and will be FULL of shining happy people so while you will want to keep your camping on the minimalist side, there are a few clutch items you'll be thankful to have. Some go without saying, like your wits and your smiles, though it never hurts to cover the bases!

Shade - Every bit helps! Sunglasses, a sweet sun hat, a light scarf, wrap, parasol or sarong; shade is vital when down at the river!

Clothing and costumery for all weather - It's a good idea to bring some warm nighttime clothes as well as 'non-clothes' for fun in the daytime sun. Though it's usually quite warm this time of year, with all the crazy weather we've seen lately you just never know for sure.

Food - There is a pub onsite complete with fried pickles. Also, Convergence and others will be serving delicious, nutritious hot meals, hooray! That said it is always a good idea to bring a few snacks to keep you going. You may bring a small camp-stove, so long as it's not a full on BBQ grill. No charcoal grills or open flames are allowed.

Comfortable footwear and clean socks - This event is based on movement! The grounds are small but you can dance for miles without ever leaving the dancefloor. Your favorite shoes, boots and/or sandals are key. The terrain can be a little rocky and uneven in places. It all starts from the ground up, take care of your feet! Again, the river: it moves along its' merry way so you may want to bring sandals with straps or shoes that are made for water action. And be sure to have a dry pair of shoes for night time; who likes dancing all night in cold, soggy kicks?? -(don't even answer that.)

Water - Bring drinking water and water to do any cleaning.

Lighting - There will be light sculptures and ambient path lighting to help keep you on track but it's a good idea to bring a headlamp or flashlight to help you keep it all together when the sun goes down.

Recycling and rubbish bags Please try to not bring disposable items! Minimize unnecessary packaging well beforehand and do not bring it on-site. Let's look out for our impact on each other and the land, leaving everything better than we found it. Bring bags for your camp area, we will be recycling and it will be much easier if it is separated ahead of time!

Tent - A basic necessity of most any outdoor overnight adventure is a tent to crash in. Resurrect your inner scout with a basic set-up or Glamp it on up; either way, you'll be thankful to have a comfortable home base to come back to when you need to take a bit of rest.

Bedding - You should plan to sleep at some point and will be thankful that you brought something comfortable to sleep in/on. If you prefer a hammock there are a few trees that could be utilized though often nothing beats a sleeping bag on a nice soft pad. Curl up inside when it's cooler at night and roll out on top of it when things warm up in the morning. Make it possible to treat yourself kindly!!

T.P. - Yes, there will be stocked and cleaned porta-potties and bathrooms, but we've all been there when the luck runs out. Don't get caught with your pants down! Even one spare roll goes a long way, you will thank yourself for bringing this clutch item.


Please take a few moments to minimize what you are bringing into the venue. Remove all unnecessary packaging you may have acquired before you come. We will be recycling discarded items and it would be very helpful if we all bring bags to keep our recycling separated from rubbish. Most importantly, no matter whose it is, if it's out of place PICK IT UP! Let's keep this venue beautiful and clean while we enjoy its splendor and LEAVE IT BETTER THAN WE FOUND IT!!


We are in luck! There is plenty of it! While the camping is prime, we ask that everyone get cozy with their neighbors and minimize your camping footprint. This will ensure that everyone gets a good camping spot.


There are NO FIRES ALLOWED in the camping grounds. This includes both charcoal and propane BBQ's. If you smoke, please be very careful of all lit embers as the grounds are covered with dry leaves and grasses. Be sure to place fully extinguished butts in a proper receptacle!!

Responsible use of small camping stove is ok.

Frequently Given Answers

  • Raindance is a member only private event.
  • Raindance Member Passes are on sale at Here
  • Gate sales are NOT GUARANTEED.
  • There are weekend passes for Friday thru Sunday camping.
  • There will also be a Sunday Funday ticket that includes camping.
  • There are no single day pass tickets for Friday or Saturday.
  • Your pass includes tent camping
  • Your vehicle will be parked very close to the camping area. You may access it at any time.
  • RV Passes have SOLD OUT
  • NO GLASS allowed on the festival site.
  • NO FIRES allowed on the festival site.
  • NO PETS except registered service animals.
  • Campsite Cooking by propane or butane stoves only (no charcoal or wood fires).
  • Food vendors will be on site with vegetarian and meat options
  • Bring your own drinking water, there may be some available but not guaranteed
  • Bring enough ice, limited amounts of ice will be available
  • Smoking in designated areas only and keep your cigarette butts with you.
  • Porta Potties & Bathrooms are available.
  • Bring comfortable shoes for outdoor and natural terrain.
  • Dancing is not mandatory, but will be encouraged.